Enhance the SNO experience

You’re right, I think this should be a separate discussion on a few aspects to enhance the SNO experience and improve the Tardigrade quality of network by retaining more successful long term SNO:

  1. Integrity check command: To allow SNO’s to run an integrity check on their data regardless of satellite audits.

  2. Repair request command: To allow SNO’s to run a repair request to restore any possible invalid pieces regardless of random satellite audits and could also be used to remedy a suspended or DQ’d node in order to return back to 100% functioning node again. Rather than abandoning existing node and reputation and requesting a new NodeID, which won’t improve SNO quality long term.

  3. Review the design of GE and its current criteria, such as:

  • GE should be based on total % of data integrity extracted from the SNO and upload to Tardigrade network, to save $$$ to the network having to request REPAIR traffic from other SNO’s. It would be more costly for Satellite to request REPAIR traffic for all data.

  • GE to pay % of (withheld amount) successful data extraction completed which was uploaded back to Tardigrade network. Rather than penalize the SNO with 100% or 0%. The idea behind this is to lower the REPAIR cost on the satellite to get all valid data from the SNO possible VS getting no data where a SNO did not bother to perform a GE because they might get DQ’d so why bother if there is no incentive to support the network further.

I think these are good topics to discuss, but I encourage you to use the new topic button.

Point 1 and 2 are already being discussed here: Ability to recover part of lost data / restore the node from backup

You might want to post point 3 as your own idea in that section. All of these come with challenges, they deserve their own place to discuss those.

Edit: Thanks @Alexey for moving! The first line of this post doesn’t make sense anymore since it was moved to a different topic to fix that.

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Edit: Point 3 is already being actively discussed in Discussion of GE design and littleskunk explained why point3 might be problematic with people trying to cheat the system.

Yeah that was part of this topic, but Alexey split them up so they have their own place now.