Error 1067: the process terminated unexpectedly

If it’s not the same, it looks a lot like…

Yeah, so looks like @Alexey’s command is for an older version. You could try the link above for “How to fix database…”

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I just checked. The schema in the linked post still matches the latest version as far as I can tell.

CREATE TABLE bandwidth_usage (
                                                satellite_id  BLOB    NOT NULL,
                                                action        INTEGER NOT NULL,
                                                amount        BIGINT  NOT NULL,
                                                created_at    TIMESTAMP NOT NULL
CREATE TABLE bandwidth_usage_rollups (
                                                                                interval_start  TIMESTAMP NOT NULL,
                                                                                satellite_id    BLOB    NOT NULL,
                                                                                action          INTEGER NOT NULL,
                                                                                amount          BIGINT  NOT NULL,
                                                                                PRIMARY KEY ( interval_start, satellite_id, action )
CREATE INDEX idx_bandwidth_usage_satellite ON bandwidth_usage(satellite_id);
CREATE INDEX idx_bandwidth_usage_created   ON bandwidth_usage(created_at);

@bbvedf Just in case something went wrong in the process. I created an empty db file for you with the right schema. Stop your node, rename the old bandwidth.db to something else as a backup and replace it with this one. rename the new one to bandwidth.db.

The node should now start again, but you will lose historic bandwidth stats. (This has already happened if you tried to recreate the db with those instructions anyway)


Thanks guys,
I have already managed to get it to start and stay stable with the “How to fix …” guide

I have made a copy of all the db files.

Then I have deleted all of them and started the service. This has created new db’s.

Then I have been stopping / copying / starting my backup db. I think I have only two bad: bandwidth and storage_usage.

So with those two files being new, the others being backups, … I don’t see very dramatic damage.

I have seen another very strange thing (perhaps again due to power outages?) and that is that the yaml file had changed.
Specifically the ‘storage.allocated-disk-space’ line. I don’t know if any other.

Node was messed up :frowning:

With a docker setup the config file doesn’t store any of the settings you pass through the docker run command. So it probably already was that way. The node uses the settings from the run command with precedence over the config.yaml file.


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