ERROR blobscache satPiecesTotal < 0 satPiecesContentSize < 0

My oldest node moved 20GB to the trash and at the same time logged around 10k of these errors:

2021-02-28T18:34:55.456Z        ERROR   blobscache      satPiecesTotal < 0      {"satPiecesTotal": -1792}
2021-02-28T18:34:55.456Z        ERROR   blobscache      satPiecesContentSize < 0        {"satPiecesContentSize": -1280}

They don’t appear now anymore but should I be worried about those?
After all, they are classified as errors, even though their message isn’t very helpful to me.

all my us2 satellite data went to trash today around that time its may well be that but i did not see any error in the logs other that the satellite being down

yeah all my us2 pieces got moved to trash too but an hour later and I only had 8GB on us2.