ERROR blobscache trashTotal < 0

ERROR	blobscache	newTrashTotal < 0	{"newTrashTotal": -13263104}

I found it in the log, it appeared right after rebooting storagenode …

Hi @peem I dont have an immediate answer for you, but I do know one of the mods flagged it for the engineering team to look at. Thank you for your post

I have same issue. I found
ERROR blobscache trashTotal < 0 {“trashTotal”: -110801152}

node has been up more than a day without restart.

Note, this can happen when node restarts without having a chance to update the data in sqlite cache and when there are deletes happening.

It should eventually self-correct. If it keeps showing that line, then it could mean an underlying problem.

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Thanks @Egon. I will keep checking