Error during preflight check for storagenode databases, after updating docker

Hi there Storjlings,

After updating Docker to the newest version (Linux Centos 7), one of my nodes is not coming back up.

$ sudo docker logs storagenode
2020-03-25T12:52:30.426Z INFO Configuration loaded from: /app/config/config.yaml
2020-03-25T12:52:30.436Z INFO Operator email: redacted
2020-03-25T12:52:30.436Z INFO operator wallet: redacted
2020-03-25T12:52:30.939Z INFO version running on version v0.34.6
2020-03-25T12:52:30.948Z INFO db.migration Database Version {“version”: 31}
Error: Error during preflight check for storagenode databases: storage node preflight database error: piece_expiration: expected schema does not match actual: &dbschema.Schema{
Tables: *dbschema.Table{
&{Name: “piece_expirations”, Columns: *dbschema.Column{&{Name: “deletion_failed_at”, Type: “TIMESTAMP”, IsNullable: true}, &{Name: “piece_expiration”, Type: “TIMESTAMP”}, &{Name: “piece_id”, Type: “BLOB”}, &{Name: “satellite_id”, Type: “BLOB”}, &{Name: “trash”, Type: “INTEGER”}}, PrimaryKey: string{“piece_id”, “satellite_id”}},
Name: “test_table”,
Columns: *dbschema.Column{
&{Name: “id”, Type: “int”},
&{Name: “name”, Type: “varchar(30)”, IsNullable: true},
PrimaryKey: string{“id”},
Indexes: *dbschema.Index{&{Name: “idx_piece_expirations_deletion_failed_at”, Table: “piece_expirations”, Columns: string{“deletion_failed_at”}}, &{Name: “idx_piece_expirations_piece_expiration”, Table: “piece_expirations”, Columns: string{“piece_expiration”}}, &{Name: “idx_piece_expirations_trashed”, Table: “piece_expirations”, Columns: string{“satellite_id”, “trash”}, Partial: “trash = 1”}},

I have tried to drop the test table, but sqlite3 says the following:

$ sqlite3 piece_expiration.db

$ drop table test_table;
Error: malformed database schema (idx_piece_expirations_trashed) - near “WHERE”: syntax error

After trying to follow the instructions here proposed here, it tells me that dump_all.sql does not exist.

Can you help me resolve this issue? It there a way to prevent this in the future when updating docker?


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