Error : Invalid expiration time

Hi… i am using uplinkc lib for uploading data on storj V3 network . I am using upload_write function for uploading data to storj V3 network.
I am running upload_write function inside loop for uploading data .
Each time loop runs it uploads 256 byte of data .
Loop runs fine till writing total 7168 bytes of data on storjV3 but on next iteration of loop . i am getting this error :

segment error: metainfo error: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = Invalid expiration time*Client).CreateSegment:90*segmentStore).Put:141*streamStore).upload:205*streamStore).Put:113*shimStore).Put:57*Group).Go.func1:57

Hi @Ayush-003, are you setting Expires inside the UploadOptions passed into the upload function before your upload_writes?

On the satellite, we are returning that error when this happens:

if !req.Expiration.IsZero() && !req.Expiration.After(time.Now()) {
	return nil, status.Error(codes.InvalidArgument, "Invalid expiration time")

By default, I believe expiration is always set to 0, so this error should only occur if you explicitly set the expiration time and it ends up being before the current time. Could you provide some code snippets so we can investigate further?