ERROR migrate help

I’m trying to migrate to another hd with the command POWERSHELL ADMINISTRATOR robocopy E: / G: / / MIR, but I see the error


New Dir 0 E: \ found.000 \ 00000000- $ Deleted
New Dir 1 E: \ found.000 \ dir0000.chk
100% New File 0 $ Repair
New Dir 0 E: \ found.000 \ dir0000.chk \ $ Txf
2021/05/14 16:30:37 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Accessing the Destination Directory G: \ found.000 \ dir0000.chk \ $ Txf
Access denied.
Waiting 30 sec

It’s not a good idea store node’s data in the root of the drive. It’s better to use a folder on the said drive.
The recovered found.000 is useless for storagenode. It should be either ignored or removed.
Please, try to ignore it:

robocopy E:\ G:\ /MIR /XD found.*