Error, node not showing real space used

Hi there

My node has some kind of database error and is not showing correctly the space it uses. Every time i restart the node the space used counter is restarted, bandwith is added and sum up correctly, i tried some diferents dashboards and nothing is working correctly, im using ubuntu server

thanks for any kind of help

Do you have any Errors in your logfile?
Did you check your databases?
Check your filesystem?

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have this problem also, it fixes itself when i set the node to full and let it run for some days. somehow


Perhaps it was not able to finish a filewalker due to Fatal Error on my Node?

I see the 2 problems also connected, but somehow the ingress stream is involved.
my node recovers currently in full status. at7.3TB

i disabled the filewalk on startup, and i noticed some parameters have the same interval time (1h)
so they get propably executed together with standard intervalls like 12h 6h 4h or 5min 1min etc. causing high load to the filesystem when they all start together?. @Alexey @Knowledge ?

@Alexey @Knowledge see, ubuntu

SNO may get the timeout error soon too/ or have it already?

It could be possible, however they likely start not in the same time, but with some small shift, however, they uses configured intervals, yes.

may be. The recommended restart policy for the docker containers is unless-stopped, so the container will be restarted, if it would crash.
But since this is noticed - then it perhaps is not hidden for Linux nodes. However, as far as I understand, the root cause is the same - slow disks subsystem or overall setup (for example running several nodes on a weak devices like raspberry pi3 with only 1GB of RAM).

It was filewalker not finishing on node start

How much time can filewalker take on a slow 5400rpm 14TB full node. It’s running more than a full day. It’s a western digital Elements 14TB

Filesystem is checked and it’s ok
Logs show no errors
Databases were deleted and new ones created 2 days ago

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If it’s an USB drive, it could be long enough.

why? It’s completely not necessary for anything except if they are corrupted.