Error occurred while signing certificate

Trying to follow the instructions to create an identity and sign the certificate. The creation of keys ended successfully and quickly, but at the time of signing it looks like both identity_darwin+amd64 and identity_linux_amd64 think my clock/date is not set correctly…

./identity_darwin_amd64 authorize storagenode
2019-08-31T20:58:42.203-0700	INFO	running on version v0.17.0
2019-08-31T20:58:42.514-0700	FATAL	error occurred while signing certificate: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = authorization error: claim timestamp is outside of max delay window: 1567310322
(identity files were still generated and saved, if you try again existing files will be loaded)

Tried also to change timezone and set it to UTC, but the result it’s the same…

Can anyone help me understand what’s wrong with the signing procedure?


Make sure you use the latest version of the identity tool. Redownload it if necessary.

Downloaded from minutes before trying to complete the identity creation and signing for both macOS and Linux, following the link present in the online documentation.

What is the latest version currently available?
Can you share the correct link to download the tool?


Please, synchronize your system clock

I actually did! Both on macOS and Ubuntu I forced the sync with the NTP server.

What is the maximum lag the CLI utility (or your servers) will accept?

Milliseconds, not seconds or minutes

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Thanks Alexey!

It looks like the time I was given by the NTP server was off by ~150us, and in the end I had to manually adjust the system time overriding NTP… added +1min and the signing went on smoothly!

Thanks for helping!

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