ERROR pingSatellites failed - server misbehaving

Had some weird error messages as below followed by node not receiving any messages for a couple of hours and then all of sudden back up and running. Any ideas?

2019-10-08T20:30:38.615Z ERROR contact:chore pingSatellites failed {"error": "rpc error: code = Internal desc = contact: lookup on server misbehaving"}

Please, check your DNS. Try to use a or instead of your default.

Thanks Alexey. I am using openDNS and not aware of any issues. Is it that the DNS lookup was failing?

Also, I haven’t had any issues like this over the past 6 months of STORJ. Everything was working fine, no changes made, stopped for 2 hours, continued to work again OK. Was it a blip in the openDNS servers? A blip in the authoritative nameserver for my DDNS provider? Or something STORJ related?

The error is telling me, that your current DNS (not DDNS!) server is unable to resolve some address.

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Thanks @Alexey. I’ll keep on eye on the DNS. Haven’t any problems with it previously and unfortunately was away when it was occurring so couldn’t check manually. Had wondered if it was related to some of the changes in the changelog which asked to report any weird behaviour. Thanks again.

I have this problem too no data since the update network is ok… after update… I have 153GB engress and after update 0…

UPDATE: after node stop rm and start the error seems to be solved alone… traffic is coming back