Error : retrieving piece 73

I’m seeing following error msg in the logs. What does this mean ?
Everything is working fine though.

Hello @mitexleo,
There are some unknown errors on your screenshot, I can see only word ERROR, but not the reason.
Could you please copy text of the error instead of partial screenshot of the text?

From other messages it looks like some nodes or your client canceled uploads or downloads due to i/o errors. It could be your side or the node’s side. Without the whole text of the error it’s hard to say for sure.

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Here’s the full log :

It disappeared after restarting the gateway.

Thanks. Yes, they will disappear. These errors would be printed here when you use a gateway.
The explanation is the same - either node or a gateway closed slow/unresponsive connection.

If uploads and downloads works then you may ignore them.

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