Error: stream error: metainfo error: Exceeded Segments Limit

All files show same error on 32kb
32.00 KiB / 565.85 KiB [---->_____________________________________________________________________________] 5.66% ? p/sError: stream error: metainfo error: Exceeded Segments Limit

I was charged and payed all billing

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do you have a credit card as payment method?

Accounts which had unpaid invoices due to invalid or missing payment method, received an email warning of imminent account suspension. If the customer took no action to correct the issue within one week, the account was frozen by setting all limits to zero. The email also explained that if there was no valid payment method added in time to prevent account suspension, it would be necessary to file a support ticket to ask for the account to get reinstated, after having added a valid payment method, and that processing that request could take up to 2 weeks. If an affected customer still did not take any action to correct the situation after the second warning email, their account will be subject to getting deleted.

It appears that your payment method was added too late to avoid account suspension. So in order to get the account reinstated, you would need to file a support ticket from a verified help desk account.