Error while uploading large data

Hi … I am using golang program for uploading data to the bucket .when there is less size of data golang program is working fine but when i am trying to upload larger size of data then program is giving me error
Error uploading object segment error: ecclient error: successful puts (0) less than or equal to repair threshold (35); segment error: ecclient error: successful puts (0) less than or equal to repair threshold (35)

How can i solve this error ?

There are two ways to solve this.

But first the reason, small files are stored at satellite direct, I have in mind 4kb is the threahold to store data at nodes. Storj-sim starts 10 nodes and default RS setting need 35 nodes.

You can either increase your nodecount in storj-sim or create a bucket with smaller RS settings.

@BlackDuck thanks for replying , but i am uploading data on storj network not on storj-sim .
How can i solve this problem for stroj network ?

What is the size when it fails?
Which satellite are you using?
Did this file / filesize work with uplink-cli on same satellite?


  1. i dont know at which size it is failing for golang program
  2. Satellite , i am using is
  3. when i am trying to upload data using Uplink-cli it is failing at 7 mb .
    Total size of file is 200mb.

I have no access to mars, maybe @stefanbenten knows somebody who can look into your account and the satellites logs.

Just as informations each files getting splitted into 64MB segments each segments follow the RS scheme 29,35,80,130 per default.

Did you create the bucket new after last release change? There are several things that are bound to the bucket at its creation.

@BlackDuck Yes , i have created bucket using command .\uplink_windows_amd64 mb sj://testbucket3 before replying on forum.storj .

The name from you binary looks like the prebuild ones. Which version you see uplink_windows_amd64.exe version ? I expect v0.14.4, but there were some changes since then.

@BlackDuck i have downloaded file from this link :

That’s what I feared. This is version v0.14.4 and not up to date. As already stated from @littleskunk Encryption Error while accessing bucket you need to use the latest and same version for both lib and cli. If not they are not compatible right now.

@BlackDuck from where can i download updated files for lib and cli ?

I didn’t make it under windows, but you clone the git repository and compile the needed version by yourself.

Under Linux I would do following

git clone
git checkout v0.14.13
./scripts/ install ./cmd/uplink

Libuplink is controlled by go.mod

require v0.14.13 // indirect
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@shivam201312 you can also download the last released uplink binaries form the links indicated in this page

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Those still link to v0.14.4 not v0.14.13

here is a link for the v.0.14.13

I have notified the product manager and requested update of the Uplink documentation to include the new binary links

Links to binaries have been updated now to v0.15.2

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@heunland Thank you :smiley::smiley:

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