Errore Disk Space Used

Goodmorning everyone,
with one of my nodes something special happens to me, namely:
In the Dashboard I find 1.49TB occupied,
that is 100% of the capacity of my node,
but if I go to check how many TBs I have actually occupied they are actually about 700GB.
Could there be some error in the occupied space count?
How can I verify this?

Thank you all.

First you could look into your logfile for error messages. The used space calculation might take several minutes up to hours after starting the node.

If you find nothing you can hit the monkit endpoint: Guide to debug my storage node, uplink, s3 gateway, satellite

Are you saying that the node reports 1.49 TB used, but the physical disk space is showing 700 GB? What OS are you using, and how is the disk formatted?

Yes is correct.
I have W10, and NFTS!

I am wondering if this is a block size (aka allocation unit size) issue. Can you run a command prompt with administrator rights and perform the following command?

fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo <Drive Letter>

replacing <Drive Letter> with your storj drive for example E:\

You are looking for the “Bytes Per Cluster” value.

Numero di serie del volume NTFS : 0x3eaa0eed707c7801
Versione NTFS : 3.1
Versione LFS : 1.1
Totale settori : 3.906.959.359 (1,8 TB)
Totale cluster : 488.369.919 (1,8 TB)
Cluster liberi : 277.210.770 (1,0 TB)
Totale cluster riservati : 1.024 (4,0 MB)
Riservati per Riserva cluster : 0 (0,0 KB)
Byte per settore : 512
Byte per settore fisico : 4096
Byte per cluster : 4096
Byte per segmento record file : 1024
Cluster per segmento record file : 0
Lunghezza dati validi MFT : 1,05 GB
LCN avvio MFT : 0x0000000000000004
LCN avvio secondo MFT : 0x000000000e8df77f
Inizio zona MFT : 0x000000000c541760
Fine zona MFT : 0x000000000c54aca0
Dimensioni zona MFT : 149,25 MB
N. max. extent taglio dispositivo : 0
N. max byte taglio dispositivo : 0
N. max. extent taglio volume : 62
N. max byte taglio volume : 0x40000000
Identificatore Gestione risorse: 340E1DD3-DA2A-11EA-A20F-7CD30A2F026D

Okay. Doesn’t look like a file system issue. Has your node been online for a while, or has it recently been restarted? When the node is first started it runs through the directories to recalculate used space. This can take some time as littleskunk said. Is there high disk activity? If disk activity is low, and you have had the node running for more than 24 hours, you could try the steps outlined in this post:

You will need sqlite3 installed in order to recreate the piece_spaced_used.db database. This will force the node to recalculate space used.

I followed the guide, now the node is recalculating the used space.
I’ll wait a few hours to see how busy it actually is.
I’ll let you know.
Thanks so much!