Errors in L1 payments (storj pays less than it promises)

In July my wallet in L1 network received less than the expected $160 according to the data from the node, and $149 came at the exchange rate at the TIME OF RECEIPT because storj sent a slow transaction. According to the coin price chart, it can be seen that the payout rate is not the actual ~ $0.75, but the peak ~ $0.8.


  1. Storj initiated the payment to the L1 chain (!!!): Explore zkSync L2 Blockchain | zkSync Block Explorer on 2022-07-07 23:36:33 UTC

  2. The transaction was executed on the L1 network: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan in Jul-08-2022 05 :04:46 AM +UTC

I did not write about this until the next payments in the hope of correcting the error and compensation, but nothing was credited to me in the new payment for their mistake. The most disgusting thing here is that when storj paid more than it should, there were no payments for the next month.

I have the impression because it looks like zkSync charges a transaction fee of ($160-$149) $11

This is not the transaction price. This is the difference in the exchange rate at the time when the payment was initiated and the date of actual receipt. During this time, the exchange rate has changed a lot not in favor of the recipient.

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Hi, I’ve had a quick look and I can’t see anything wrong here ?

You were paid 195 Storj tokens, via a L2 to L1 transaction, and you received 195 Storj tokens into your L1 address (ERC-20) on Jul-08-2022 06:22:05.

I can’t see any token’s being deducted, and the L2 to L1 fee is paid by STORJ from their wallet.

I think what you are highlighting is one of the issues with the price swings on the token value, I’ve looked back at the transaction and this time you were unlucky - you were paid a ~ 0.81 Storj to the $ … an hour later you would have been at ~ 0.7 Storj

Afraid unless STORJ been keeping it quiet, and they have implemented a time machine… it would be unacceptable for them to pay SNO’s at a rate calculated in the future.

You’ve not lost anything here - the market was fluctuating as it usually does at pay out, and you lost this time…

An enhancement that might help is to average the token to $ rate over a longer period of maybe 1 hour to smooth things out - also implementing a slippage rate calculation and minspread would help, however this creates it’s own problems where the payment bot might stop payments due to slippage and minspread changing soo often, that payments could become stuck for hours / days or never even happen…

If you strongly believe that you have been mis paid, then you should raise it formerly by submitting a support ticket.



Storj teeam cant control the exchange course. for example, I gom money yesterday, and exchanged it in the morning, and got something about 10+ $ more than expected. So it is up to you when you exchange your money. Also i opted to ZK syng and got additional 10% then will cover some transaction fees and small disbalance. Stoj teeam dont have crystal ball to know, will exchange rate will be higher or lower.


Yes, but they can control transaction speed because ~6h delay is not normal (0-1h is normal)/

on ZKsync i got within a minuts, but withdraw to L1, took several h.
and it cant be controled.

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And I prefer use my L1 wallet without zksync :slight_smile:

As I read above you can clearly see that its a L2 to L1 transaction. An excerpt from zksync docs:

A withdrawal takes 10 minutes to 7 hours , depending on the usage of the zkSync network.

So everything is as expected. You just got unlucky this time :wink:


it sucks to get paid before crashes or minor drops in prices, but it happens… nobody is complaining when the value is going up :smiley: