Estimate earnings data update period

I was just wondering if there is a schedule how often estimate payout data gets updated. Once every hour or more often?

i think it’s calculated every time you open / refresh the multinode webdashboard, which is why it can take so long to show up.

but maybe it doesn’t do that for the webdash… atleast not every time… because it doesn’t seem to change every time i update it…

does it matter tho… its an estimate so its not like it’s accurate anyways… the math might be as simple as divide current earnings with days past and then multiply by days in the month for a monthly projecton…

ofc that cannot be it for the multinode dashboard because it takes forever to load,

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I stumbled across this because of the updates of my Grafana dashboard. Currently I pull data every 15 minutes but this does not change the estimated earnings. Actually these are not the estimated earnings for the full month but for the month so far. So I guess this is data from the satellites and I wonder how often they update it. If it is once every hour then I might pull data for Grafana only once every hour.

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check after 1 hour if not then give it more 5 hours, then if updated it will have update in 6 hours, and if you then try 2 hr and 50 min (3hr) and it has or hasn’t update it will either be 2 or 4.

might be a bit complicated but make you able estimate it in least tries, and you can also do the same when going +3 hours after the 6 by checking after 6+ 2 seeing if its longer or shorter

i know it’s easier if you can get an aswer, but i often work with stuff where i have to figure out unknowns :smiley: so i use tricks for estimates.
to save on how much time i use to get an idea, then i can more easily refine it later.
working blind can be such a pain.

you could ofc also make it a shorter time frame, but i don’t think they would update it very often.

Currently to me it looks like there is an update ever 12 hrs.

For the most part I believe the node dashboard shows the nodes own bookkeeping. The exception is the data stored TBh. This is updated roughly every 12 hours, but can be longer if satellites are busy.
Are you sure you don’t see other numbers change more frequently?

Actually I mean my Grafana dashboard.
Other data than the earnings change more often, e.g. the used disk data.
Now it is s couple of minutes after noon and the earning figure has just changed. So maybe it is 6 hours or 12 hours. I’ll have to check when it will change again.

yeah i just checked mine, the estimate updated… not sure when it last updated tho…
think it also updated the first time i checked, but not sure how long it had been before that…

not really enough datapoints for me yet, with the webdash. seems unlikely that its very high since i could catch it updating within a 2hour period…

checked now, and it’s updated again in the webdashboard which i assume run over the same API as you connect to your grafana… so its certainly not a very long update cycle.

I have just updated manually and while other data changed, the earnings did not.
Well let’s see when it will change for me again.

certainly looks like the web dashboard updates its estimated earnings on a frequency of about 15 minutes.
ill try and check if that is the same for the multinode dash, just to see if they use the same metric / API to derive it’s numbers.

I have just checked the Grafana dashboard again and it looks like there is a query interval option for the panel that is set to 6h. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
This must be it. I will change that and check if it makes any difference.

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So I have set the interval for the Grafana panel to 30 minutes, but it does not update as expected. So let’s check when the next updat will occur.

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Not working… :cry:
Still looks like 12 hrs period.

wonder if there are more API’s that update on different schedules…
i tried to test the multinode dashboard, but it seems to change rapidly, this is most likely do to it’s total estimate being created by adding all the estimates from the individual nodes API’s.
and each individual node updating on a 15minute schedule rather than based on system time.

like say if the node was all updating their estimates at 1 pm and then on 1:15 pm, then the multinode dash would also inherit the 15 minute, but doesn’t … so i assume the 15 minute is a timer started when a node starts.

if you want to try and fix it, i think the next step would be to manually read the API output of the estimate… no idea on how to do that tho…

and i don’t really see the big benefit in updating the estimate earnings all the time anyways… but thats just me.

It’s not the API that doesn’t update. The API’s just give the latest info, with the exception of data storage which is updated roughly every 12 hours by the satellites. This is more about how grafana is set up to use that API data.

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I guess this is solved. Unfortunately the display is not very reliable and I had changed the setting to display the highest amount. Now for whatever reason the last couple of days the amount from the fetched data was always lower than the highest amount that was previously fetched and that’s why the amount I saw not changed anymore.

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Ok now there is even more information. It seems that sometimes it happens that one node is displaying exactly the same data like another existing node besides the name.
This is totally weird. I just saw a young node that has barely earned 4 cent, displaying the exact duplicate data from another node that has earned like $3 this month.
So the total displayed $3 higher than it should be. Now with my previous setting it would keep displaying the higher total until it has been reached regularly. That is why it did not change for so long.
Now I only need find the cause for this weird behavior that it shows duplicate data.

This happens a lot and it questions the reliabilty for me. This is totally dumb:


These are 3 different nodes suddenly displaying the same values in the Grafana table. :rage:

my nodes afaik generally show different data in the web dashboard, but i duno if that is on the same api’s as your grafana.
its very rare that even two are the exact same.
haven’t setup grafana so cannot speak to the behavior of that.

just checked my multinode dash and i can’t see any nodes showing the same data.
maybe there was an api change or something that causes this to happen in grafana