Europe-north 0% online

Good morning,

It’s been 16 hours since I launched my storj node, but the satelitte is 0% online, knowing that I started my node 3 days ago about 2 hours then turned off and started 16 hours ago.
If anyone can guide me please.


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If this is a new node then you shouldn’t worry about EU north 1 as this satellite along with US2 is going to be shut down soon.

In case this isn’t a new node then check if your firewall is blocking access to this satellite.

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Yes it is a new node, but strangely another node that I launched at the same time is at 100%
Between these two nodes, only the version changes.
The node where does not work is in version v1.80.10 while the node where it is at 100% is in version v1.81.3

It is not the version difference. The satellite should pass the online score to your node, so it either did not pass it yet (you may try to restart this node to force check-in), or the access from this satellite is blocked (you will see ping satellite failed errors in your logs).
You may also use these scripts to see when your node was not available:

that’s propagated on several satellites now

yet on my other node on the same machine and exactly the same configuration everything is 100%.
At the level of uptime it is 100%

Then you need to find what’s blocking an access. Perhaps you made a mistake in the firewall rule and provided not only the listening port but also outgoing.
You need to have only inbound rule to allow an access from any address and any port to the TCP and UDP listening ports of your node. The outbound rules should be either all disabled, or you need to add another one outbound rule to allow an access to any address and any port from the address and any port of your device with the node.