Europe-north-1 offline?

europe-north-1 had dropped down to 50% online over the last day i don’t see any errors in the logs in fact i see data moving so i don’t understand as i have 30 days uptime with 100% on all other satellites

Each satellite audits your node independently. If your node doesn’t answer on audit requests, it’s considered as offline, the online score is dropping.
If your node answers on audits, it’s considered as online.
Satellites comes to nodes in a different time, so probably when this satellite audits your node, it was temporary offline, thus online score is dropped.
So, just keep it online, the online score will recover in the next 30 days online.

given i have 100% uptime for over 3 days i don’t think its an issue my side given there have been other people have similar issues

It’s just your node or your internet connection. The third party monitoring showed almost no downtime -

We’ve seen similar issues in the past with other SNO’s where their internet provider wasn’t passing traffic to certain IP addresses and this caused one satellite to show downtime even though the node was fine for the other satellites.

you know what every time there is even a tiny issue people here just play the blame game honestly i like the tech but the people behind it suck this is one of the least friendly forums i have been in

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No blame from me. I’m just a community member who spends time answering posts if I think I can help. I don’t work for StorJ, but I too like the tech.

If you have a specific issue then perhaps you can explain more fully and provide log entries or screenshots so there’s no misunderstanding :slightly_smiling_face:

my point is that every time i have had any issue it always get blamed as host error ect nobody even considers if there could be a bug

the reason i asked if it was down was because i have 2 nodes in different locations that both had a sudden drop for being online for that satellite given they both have no downtime in over 30 days it feels like its something that was not caused by my end as there was no errors and i was even getting data from that satellite for each 1h roundup


There’s an easy way to check if satellite’s are online. If you’re not already using uptimerobot, you can use it to monitor the satellites, along with your nodes.

here’s the config I use for the europe-north satellite.

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I’m sorry that you have such a feeling. We trying to help people to solve the issues with their configuration.
We do not reject evidence of bugs in our code. It’s definitely have them as any other software :slight_smile:
However, when the deal is coming to nodes and their online status there is always problem with configuration either storagenode or the network where storagenode running.
The online status of satellites can be easily checked in different ways, starting from,, … and finishing (third-party site)
And also our Community is very pro-active, when Operators noticed some offline.
Since only you experiencing an issue it’s immediately makes thinking that the issue only in your configuration.
This is not blaming or something, this is tech and it could have bugs or errors. You also depending on third-parties such as your ISP. It can have issues too.
The fact that your node is running not immediately prove that it’s online. The network could be down for a short time or routing is broken, there are many ways to make your node offline without stopping it.

2 nodes different locations different isp same thing its not even a big deal my point is that its got to be something like some audits on that satellite got bugged and nodes with very few audits see a massive drop compared to people with older nodes that have more data

All my nodes didn’t have issue with Europe-North-1. They have drop in online score for Saltlake (2 nodes) and one for Europe-West-1. Both have it because I stopped them to archive old logs. Other two have 100% online score.

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My 22 nodes on 15 diferent public IP have no issue with downtime on europe north or on other satellite

Lowest value for europe-north is 97.8% on my 14 moths old node with slow 5400rpm SMR disk.

I have nodes from 17 months to 1 months old. 11 different ISP

So i dont have problem with storj network… All nodes in Europe - Czechia

BTW - 10 nodes are one month old

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yh it was probably just 1 audit that failed on each but just odd both nodes same time considering there is nothing that is shared between them maybe something random with part of the uk network as its only 30 miles between nodes