Europe satellite is down - Is there any way to improve availability?

Tardigrade Europe satellite is down again.
This is not the first time. Each time is not for a long time but it still very annoying.

Is there any way or plan to improve availability of these satellites?
Satellites are the very weak point of Storj network. If we want Storj (and Tardigrade) largely adopted by people, we should work on it. If I had some very sensitive and important data on Tardigrade, I wouldn’t sleep well knowing that my Tardigrade satellite is down.

Maybe the satellite can be hosted on


1 Like works fine for me. I am also still uploading with rclone to exactly that satellite. Can you explain the issues you are seeing?

Now it’s working indeed.
I will send a screenshot next time. But the this is basically a web page saying that Tardigrade satellite is not reachable for the moment.

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Our monitors didn’t show any issues. Perhaps a local issue. Lot of local internet networks are under strain with everyone home.

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Impossible. This is similar to or uplink share
Try to host the storagenode there :wink:
You need to have a compute service instead.
It’s more like but definitely not storage or object storage

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