Excel file extension/file format is not valid and contents unreadable error for Word

Hello. I basically created a simple php application applying the uplink-php github repository tutorial and was able to upload objects/files but during download, I am unable to open the file with excel due to file extension/file format is not valid error and for Word, contents unreadable error is thrown but is retrievable. is there anything from the tutorial I am missing? PDF files are perfectly fine by the way.

Hello @jrbartolaba ,
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Try to upload a plain text and then download it back. If it’s not readable, then you made a mistake somewhere in the code (for example - downloaded only part of data or forgot to add an encryption key to decrypt a content).

And also, if you have used a composer to install the library - try to update to the latest version. At the moment in README it is 1.1.0, but there also 1.2.0

If you think it’s a bug - please create an issue: Issues · storj-thirdparty/uplink-php · GitHub

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Hello Alexey,

Might have been a bug from 1.1.0 since after updating to 1.2.0 with composer, I am now able to download and view the files properly. Hoping to get the readme file updated for newcomers like me wanting to build on your storage. :slight_smile: . Thanks for the quick response and more power to Storj!

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You are welcome!
You can make a PR to that third party repo, I think the author will accept it after review

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