Exit satellite not working for 2 satellite

I have started the exit process for all 6 satellite but only 4 are complete and remaining satellite does not show on exit status… if i run the exit satellite command for these 2 satellite only for few min they show that status as 0% and after that they does not show on the exit status output.
saltlake.tardigrade.io:7777 & europe-north-1.tardigrade.io:7777 does not start the exit process.

Please help on how to start the exit process for these 2 satellite

These satellites are too new. Your node needs to have been on a satellite for at least 6 months before graceful exit can work. As these two satellites haven’t existed for that long, it’s not possible to run GE.

Why are you leaving Storj network?

my 4 TB hard disk was full but after the feb month surge the outgoing bandwidth uses is very less of approx 300 GB/Month and return comes to approx 10 $ per month …which i thought is not worth running with even 4 TB of data…


Hello, @taak! To gracefully exit a satellite you should be there for some time (at least 6 months).

Currently now we already have some tasks to add some notifications and clarifications for user in our SNO Dashboard!

Have a nice day!