External ip or domain name

I installed last night but had some headaches with missconfigured displayed on the dashboard for some reason.

I read in some posts when setting up the node it should have a fully qualified domain name and not youre external ip entered but i would like some clarification on this.

I have othet services installed on my network, web server, mail server, dns server etc and they work fine no problems.

I have removed storj and am reinstalling again in a proxmox container, so hopefully it works fine this time.

You can use either, IP or domain. I use both for my nodes (not both at the same node) and it works fine once you have it correctly configured.

Was it online?
Misconfigured means that the UDP isnt configured but it will still work fine. Sometimes it doesnt kick in right away and you need to restart the node. If you setup UDP in port forwarding correctly then it should work just fine after a restart.

It was fine, was downloading data, i am waiting for to get a hardness of whatever it is, seems slow to do it today lol…

So i can finish installing it on a lxc container in proxmox, took my rack server offline today as my electricity bill is stupid, putting them all on a low powr consumption mini PC for now whilst i get my solar panels upgraded on my shed, then thats going to be able to power the rck server, well thats the hope anyway lol

If your public IP is static (you pay for this service), then you do need to use DDNS. But if it’s dynamic, then you will be forced to update the public IP in your configuration every time when your ISP will change your public IP. Or you may use a DDNS hostname instead and configure the updater on your router, it will update your DDNS hostname with an actual public IP automatically every time when it’s changed.

Its all working thanks guys, yes i have a static external IP on my residental internet connection…

Think my routers struggling, i have 26 devices attached to it and its maxing it memory capacity most of the time now, time to seperate the network I think

Does connection speed (internet) help? as i have 900 down and 180 up

The usage depends on the customers, not hardware, it’s unique for each node, so cannot tell you.
Only time will show.