Externall adress

Hello everyone,

i just installed my new storagenode but it still offline.
I accidentally wrote down a wrong external address in the installation.

Does someone knows how to correct/ change it?

thanks for youre reply

in config.yaml you can correct all.

can someone help me with open the port 28967?

Maybe an admin is willing to teamview?

I suppose that its the port in your router that u need to open.

You log into your routers ip via a Chrome, Firefox or what you prefer.
The easiest way is to serch for “how to open port” and the brand of your router and you will find a guide om how to.

In your router, its often named “Port forwarding”. You have to put this port internal/external in TCP, and its suggested to determine a local IP (typically like “” if your router is running on, but it shouldn’t the case) to forward the port to the machine operating with your node.

I don’t think you’ll find in Storj team somebody accepting to take control remotely of your desktop, because they have not the ability to do that. In the requirements of the node, a basic knowledge in the network is necessary, as being able to open a port.

This said, I’m pretty sure some people could help you, but you might not trust them, because bad people could contact you personally to steal your informations or whatever. You should find the documentation for your router, where you bought it, or by your Internet Service Provider. If it comes with Internet, you can phone your ISP and maybe he could even add the port remotely (this is the case in Belgium, they can actually take control of the router, which is kinda… scary!).

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hi @Lovefight
I dont know if you have seen this article in the official Storj docs, but it might be helpful to you

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Hi, so i welcome myselfe to this forum:-)
Maybe in another tread, but could not find. My issue re port forwarding is from this article:

As I have static IP address, so jump to section virtual server.
If I get this right, this would be for linux and/or container as not possible to run several nodes within win ?
How should each node be configured re port used as all NAT is done to same local IP address on LAN ?
For those having problem with NAT and want to check if firewall is open for traffic on port 28967 can
use this site www.grc.com - goto shields up and proceed to enter port 28967. This will only tell you port
is open, not that it is forwarded to right internal IP address where PC with node is.


Please provide brand and model of router + if running win, linux or mac,
then I should be able to help you out.
Provided you know username and password to logon to router.
PS: Don’t post username and password in forum.

Yes. The Windows GUI installer can install only one node on the one PC.

Each node should have an own external port. In the docker run command you will specify the port mapping like this: -p external_port:28967, where is external_port would be for example 28968. Also the ADDRESS variable should contain the same external port, for example -e ADDRESS=your.ddns.net:28968