Failed migration: Storage directory within storage directory

Hi guys

I screwed up my node migration pretty bad. After moving my nodes data from a Synology NAS to my new TrueNAS based system, I realised NFS was not supported by the storj sqlite dbs… as a backup plan I then moved everything to an ODROID and didnt pay enough attention since it got quite late:
Long story short, I started the node with a wrong /app/config path and there is now a new storage/storage folder including subdirs etc. :frowning:

I think my node is not disqualified yet although it was running for a couple of hours. Is there any way to merge the blobs and databases to safe my node?

Many thanks for any clarification and help :slight_smile:


best you can do is to move the newly created / downloaded blobs folder into the old blobs folder… AND ONLY THE BLOBS FOLDER… you don’t want to overwrite your databases and such.

not talking about folder location… you want to add the blobs (customer data) files that accidentally got put outside the storagenode into the storagenode and then simply start it again… from the right paths

you might not get paid for those files, but atleast you will not get failed audits from not having them… doubt it will get DQ anyways tho… but why take the risk.

so basically it goes like this… you have you storagenode the old one… you put the newly created blobs into it and then disregard the rest… but be damn sure you aren’t doing it wrong… and don’t delete or overwrite anything… that shouldn’t be required.

put blobs into old blobs where they belong… ignore the rest… :smiley:
then run correctly, and check logs that it’s running correctly.

i know i repeated myself a few times, but wanted to make sure you understood, it should be very simple tho…

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