Failed to create unit file

Hello, I’ve created a second node as the first was disqualified do an unknown reason…

Anyways I’m now receiving the following error in console

Here is the fstab file as well:
storj error2

Should I be concerned about this? I don’t want to be disqualified again…

I was thinking of removing the first mount since I did that when installing the OS.

The error is providing you with helpful info: you do indeed have a duplicate entry in your fstab. See the two lines that both contain the text starting with “1db4c090…” Both of those lines are trying to mount to the same location.
You should be able to comment one of them out using a "# " at the start of the line. Normally I would then reboot or you could try “sudo mount -a” on the command line.

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Great, just commented that line out, I’ll see what happens in the next 24hrs.