Failure to create second node on same PC - WIN10PRO

Hello everybody,

somehow I am missing something, but what? I have already searched this forum all over the place, my eyes are flickering.
I set second node on the same PC as the main node, with help from Storj Node Toolbox. Everything looks good and the Toolbox shows GREEN - Node service running, but dashboard shows - OFFLINE.
The main node is running since 2 weeks without problems -

Portwarding: FritzBox Port on device 28967-28968 to the outside world 28972-28973 is open, but 28973 is still invisible at

How does your config.yaml look for the second/third etc.? node? I am grateful for every tip, because I am already desperate. This attempt with the second node serves as a training so that I don’t destroy my 12 month old node on the other computer by an error.

latest log data without errors:

2020-11-12T19:07:38.918+0100 INFO Configuration loaded {“Location”: “C:\Program Files\Storj1\Storage Node\config.yaml”}
2020-11-12T19:07:38.948+0100 INFO Operator email {“Address”: “”}
2020-11-12T19:07:38.948+0100 INFO Operator wallet {“Address”: “xxxxxx”}
2020-11-12T19:07:40.059+0100 INFO Telemetry enabled
2020-11-12T19:07:40.087+0100 INFO db.migration Database Version {“version”: 46}
2020-11-12T19:07:42.549+0100 INFO preflight:localtime start checking local system clock with trusted satellites’ system clock.
2020-11-12T19:07:43.537+0100 INFO preflight:localtime local system clock is in sync with trusted satellites’ system clock.
2020-11-12T19:07:43.537+0100 INFO bandwidth Performing bandwidth usage rollups
2020-11-12T19:07:43.537+0100 INFO trust Scheduling next refresh {“after”: “6h17m23.272055997s”}
2020-11-12T19:07:43.537+0100 INFO Node “xxxxxx” started
2020-11-12T19:07:43.537+0100 INFO Public server started on [::]:28968
2020-11-12T19:07:43.537+0100 INFO Private server started on

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Is this a second node with Docker on Windows? Is that even possible? I believe I read somewhere it does not work. But I am not sure. :roll_eyes:

i hope you used different identities, for example i use paths C:/indentitie, C:/Indentitie1 …
and never use default paths, this makes much diffucult to mess indentities

did you made port forwarding for second node also winfows firewall port opened?
what pord did you mensioned after external ip in config? as i see in your log server wait on port 28968
this mean windows firewall must be opened on 28968

no, I sorted the identities properly, with the folders with the consecutive numbers

for the ports looks like this:

Hello @crazy_goblin,
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Please, check the Windows Firewall, it should have a rule to allow TCP 28968 too.

perfect, now works

2020-11-12 22_33_42-Assistent für neue ausgehende Regel

perfect, now works, super thank you

I have already checked the incoming ones, they were ok.
but outgoing traffic was blocked… this is new

If you have any outbound rules on your firewall, please add another one - to allow any traffic to any host and port from the IP of your PC with storagenodes or simple remove/disable any outbound rules.

will follow this, I am happy to have learned something again

so I didn’t set anything on the firewall, installed WIN10 3-4 weeks ago etxtra for STORJ.
Main node started without problems

Thanks again, Alexey
And Vadim likewise - for the TOOL development