Fastly CDN suddenly gives Malformed request. Please try again


We are using storj in combination with the Fastly CDN network.
Suddenly we are getting the following error when looking up images: Malformed request. Please try again.

We didn’t change anything in our config, did something change on Stroj’s side?

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Hello @Heliosphan ,

Welcome to the forum!
What is integration method you have used? The S3-compatible Gateway-MT or linksharing service?
What’s region? US1, EU1, AP1?

Hello Alexey,

Thanks, we are using the S3-compatible Gateway-MT.
We used the following configuration when setting up our service: Storj DCS Object Storage | Fastly Help Guides

We are using the EU1 region.

Also some extra info, we get the following screen when trying to get an image:

Can you open the provided bucket directly?

Yes we can open the bucket directly with filezilla.

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I notified the team. We are investigated an issue.
Sorry for inconvenience!

Thanks! If you have any more questions let me know

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Could you please check, the issue should be resolved now


Hi Alexey, it’s working! Thank you for the quick support!