FATAL Failed to load Identity - While trying Graceful Exit

Hello together,

today I wanted to gracefully exit the test satellites but I’m receiving the error message: FATAL Failed to load Identity

Does anyone know what to do? It has been working fine for some other nodes.

Thanks and kind regards,

It is an issue with version 1.77.2 either downgrade to 1.76 or wait for fix.

Oh thanks alot for the precise answer!

Do you know how to downgrade to 1.76? Is there some guide already?

You can also provide the path to the identity (and likely to the config with the option --config-dir) with option --identity-dir.

But I’m already providing the identity-dir:

docker exec -it storagenode /app/storagenode exit-satellite --identity-dir /app/identity


Super great! It worked with --config-dir /app/config

Here would be the command:

docker exec -it storagenode /app/storagenode exit-satellite --identity-dir /app/identity --config-dir /app/config


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