FATAL transport error: context deadline exceeded

After pulling the v0.17.0 update, I am getting the following attempting to pull up the dashboard now:

docker exec -it storagenode /app/diashboard.sh

date/timestamp INFO Configuration loaded from: /app/config/config.yaml
date/timestamp INFO Node ID: xxxxxxxxx
date/timestamp FATAL transport error: context deadline exceeded

@DanLacher welcome to our community forum.

It seems that the problem is that your Storage Node is still calculating the aggregated data that the dashboard requires. While that process is running the dashboard cannot show it and it waits, but there is a deadline, so if the process hasn’t finished before it then dashboards timeouts.

Please, can you tell me if you tried to run the dashboard right after, your Storage Node has restarted?

Also, can you check the logs of your Storage Node and see if there is any unrecognized error?

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After waiting a few minutes (not sure how long), I came back and the dashboard showed back up. It would have just been the timing issue that you mentioned. It is back up and running now.

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