Feature Request: Lifecycle Management

Is there any form of lifecycle management of files stored in a bucket?

Backblaze has it - as does Amazon

You can set an expiration date for objects. If that is what you mean. Developers can then build such a service around Storj DCS if their requirements call for it.


Through the GUI?
I don’t see a way of doing this.

I guess there might be in the CLI - but I am not using that

Storj GUI is not meant to be full featured. The interface provided is mainly to allow developers and such to get an understanding of the tools at a high level. Most of the functionality is available at the Command Line level or via S3 connectivity to existing (and new) applications that leverage Storj, and which features they utilize is determined by the developers and what they need.

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No, the GUI doesn’t have this feature, you need to use uplink CLI for example:

The other way is to generate an access grant/S3 credentials with provided TTL, i.e.

uplink share --max-object-ttl 24h --readonly=false --not-after=none sj://my-bucket

then use this access grant in any of your tools. All objects uploaded with this access grant will expire after 24h.
You may also generate an S3 credentials with the same behavior:

uplink share --max-object-ttl 24h --readonly=false --not-after=none --register sj://my-bucket
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