Feature Request: Option in uplink to sync folder incl. files both ways

If i need to use Storj / Tardigrade as backup system on Windows or Linux based on CLI there shut be very easy to use i need command like

./uplink.exe sync --delete /path/to/folder/for/backup sj://bucket/backup-folder

Then i need a easy way to restore to like this
./uplink.exe sync --restore sj://bucket/backup-folder /path/to/folder/for/backup

You can do it with rclone sync.


Hmm, but thats not so simple like the nice uplink tool, why not expand the uplink tool to support this command?

I looked on the documentation for Rclone tool, its look like its very huge based on the simle need to sync stuff when uplink allready have the most but just need a few more featuers, then rclone is not needed.

its will be a much better way in my eyes.

Because we don’t want to implement something that rclone can handle much better.

rclone sync --transfers 2 C:\Transfer storj:rclone is the command I am using.