Feature Request: Option to send some or all of SNO earnings directly to tardigrade account

I think it would be nice if SNOs could pay for tardigrade directly from their SNO earnings. I run a storagenode and I use it to pay for tardigrade which I use as an offsite backup service but with the current system the Storj token has to be sent to me from Storj and then I send it back to Storj to pay for tardigrade which cost both me and Storj transfer fees.

Overall I imagine a system where the SNO can choose to have their earnings initially kept by Storj(like an online savings account). Later, the node operator can choose to:

  • Withdraw some or all of the token to their private etherum address.
  • Have some or all tokens transferred to a tardigrade account.
  • Do nothing, keep the tokens stored on the Storj side and transfer them later.

A possibly simpler way for storj to implement this would be for tardigrade customers to receive a special payment address that is associated with their tardigrade account. The SNO then plugs this special address into their storagenode software instead of their private ethereum wallet address. This would cause the satellite to transfer future earnings to the tardigrade account associated with that special payment address. This simpler system would provide stripped down functionality but would not require that an online banking interface be developed.