Feb 25, 2020 [WEBINAR] Storj / InfluxDB TimeSeries

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Please be sure to preregister at the link above to get your invite link, the webinar starts at 8 am US Pacific Time tomorrow, Feb 25th!

well that’s on short notice…

For those who were unable to watch the live webinar, there will be a recording which will posted here as soon as the influx team makes it available.

Update: the webinar link is now live.


Came here to ask exactly this. I had registered, but something came up so couldn’t watch live. Glad to hear it’ll be available. I caught a glimpse about half an hour in and it seemed very interesting.

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Hello all!
The video from the webinar has been posted and it’s here:

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It requires you to enter name, email and organization to watch it :frowning:

Oh – its hosted by InfluxDB so I guess they have their own process, idk

hold on though, Im publishing a link to a similar online event shortly


Here’s a direct link
Though not sure if this will keep working.

Awesome! Thank you! I hope it keeps working the next hours :smiley:
Edit: Oh well I just downloaded it instead. That will keep working xD

I have to say this was a VERY interesting presentation. Sure it discussed the use of InfluxDB, but it went much further with a lot of technical detail as well as some data shared on statistics regarding file availability and durability and when repair is triggered. Definitely recommend people who aren’t necessarily interested in what the title says to still give it a look!