Feb. 5, 2020: Monthly payouts for January, update

January payouts

Monthly payouts for January have been sent. One payout per satellite to each payout address.

If you have feedback or questions about your specific payout, contact support@storj.io

As a reminder, V2 has been officially shut down as of January

Important notice for this months payout

In an effort to optimize for overall performance and scalability, we have a few limits we’ve introduced related to the database. One of these limitations has an impact on the calculation of billing for January.

While this impact is only temporary, it will impact the February payout. With the steps we took to increase the overall ability of the database to handle concurrency, we introduced a lag in payout settlements that resulted from the extended time for order limit settlement.

Essentially, the steps we took to improve scalability and to ensure that payouts were accurate and complete introduced a delay in the ability to calculate payouts in real-time. This is a temporary artifact of these improvements and we expect this lag to be resolved this month and not to reoccur in future payouts.

February is the last month we will use the manual processes before we complete the transition to the automated tools. Here’s what you can expect for the February payout:

  • For this payout, the pull for payout data will be current as of 7 days prior to when the payout process is run. The issue with the lag in payments is related to the calculation of payouts from order limits. Order limits roll up over a 7 day period as order limits expire.
  • The February payout will be offset by one week as described above
  • The offset week will be included in the next payout
  • All future payouts will run during the first week of the month as an automated process and will cover all usage for the previous month without any additional lag in calculation
  • The new tooling automatically calculates payouts as a Satellite process, and includes held amount as well as storage, customer egress, repair and audit traffic.
  • The new payout process will allow the SNO Board to query for payout information as well as held amount.

The March payout will include all of February’s activity plus the last week of January.


What if i have two nodes with same payout address? Should i have two payout per satellite or just one with the sum of the two nodes? Thanks

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You only get one payment per satellite even if you have more nodes if they are set to the same payment address.


I just want to say: Thank you very much Storj Labs Team for great payments of this month!

As I wrote before:

So, I did it, because I got the reason for expanding :slight_smile:


I agree with @Odmin. Because of the hard testing carried out last month, the payment was great!
There will be really interesting to see how things will turn out after going into production. Even if I am more than happy right now I’m still a bit worried that there will be to much slow moving data in the network after going into production. But we will see.


Definitely will, I’m counting on it. I foresee at least 6 months to have nodes in Production with some decent traffic.

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Thanks for the great payout this month ! :smile:


February payouts done yet

I don’t think they even started to roll out payments yet.

Please see this post.

Hi! I don’t understand. So need make unique payment address for each node and will get more then if all was with the same address?

If you are running multiple nodes, all of them should be configured with the same payout address. This is a requirement mentioned in the ToS Section 3.d.ii.
In any case, you would not receive more payouts by using different payout addresses for each node. The total of all your nodes’ earnings for a satellite will be sent in one single transaction per satellite.

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Thanks for the answer! I hope the count of payment addresses will not really affect the final amount, because one address is much more comforting.

I am sorry that you harbor some doubt if what I stated in my last comment may be untrue. Luckily, you don’t have to trust me, but you can use the script available on this forum to estimate your expected payouts for each node and satellite to verify that you are getting paid the right amount for each node. The script should produce pretty accurate results, though there may be some small differences.

I think there is some miscommunication here. If you have multiple nodes with the same payout you don’t get multiple transactions, but you do get paid for each node. The satellite simply adds up earnings from all nodes and transfers the total in a single transaction.


Don’t take my last post personally to yourself) Thank you for link!

Now I understand the mechanism clearly. Thank you for info!

Really? I do not see it working this way. Last payout i got separate transaction per each node per each satellite despite using same payment address in nodes setting. I was using 2 different addresses initially (in Jan and Feb), but changed it to same address to comply with ToS in March.

But i still got 10 incoming transaction on 11th April for March earnings. And i was running 2 nodes in March (with same payment address).
So it is a separate tx for each satellite-node pair (2 nodes gets payments from 5 satellites).
I do not see any differences for few payments addresses vs single address blockchain / tx’s fees wise.
But separate addresses more convenient for many SNOs

That behavior has changed since they switched to the automated payouts. You see individual transactions now even if you use the same address.

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So there is no need (makes no sense) to enforce this ToS paragraphs about single STORJ payment address per all storage nodes owned by same SNO any longer?
As the main point was to reduce number of blockchain transactions and associated fees…