Feb. 8 Update on SNO Payouts and High Ethereum Gas Prices

Thank you, I 100% agree :slight_smile:
I love being involved in your decisions. Even if the final decision comes to you, I really appreciate your transparency and I think this is one of your strengths.

Regarding option 1 (Layer 2 payout solution), I suppose that you made some kind of a study (assessment and comparison on several sides: technical, economical, community, team references, roadmap, etc.).
Would it be possible to sum up this assessment somewhere in your blog? I am a Consultant so I would love a ppt ^^ But a well-written and detailed blog post would do the job, maybe even better.
This would help us to:

  • better understand those Layer 2 payout solutions
  • understand your final decision (and why zkSync is the solution you are implementing, why is it better for Storj project)

I know these questions may have been partially or completely addressed somewhere in the forum but I think a so important topic would require a formalized explanation, that we can easily find out (and it would be publicly accessible, without having to be registered in the Storj forum).

Tell us what you think!
Thanks a lot, you (we?) are a great team :slight_smile:


I love the Storj project and will definitely not leaving the project. I left the SIA project month ago to support 100 % Storj.

However now I realized the advantage of a true decentralized cloud storage like SIA. You definitely get your Payout.

Hopefully Storj solve the problem fast. When not the market solve the problem


It’s just a matter of time how much patience new SNOs coming to join storj, even older SNOs.

The mind will work it’s magic the SNOs are the backbone of the storj network once you stop seeing income coming in for your node running we’re at 2 months now. This is going to be a problem no one wants to run there nodes not knowing when or how there payments are going to come 90% of SNO are not going to experiment with zksync at all and then your saying this 2 months of no payment is going to change to 3 months and so on. Storj has the right to raise the limit of minimal payout but if the minimal isn’t really considered a minimal if it depends on the % of fees plus the minimal payment that’s not really minimal pay out. There’s 1000s of SNOs that don’t meet the minimal payout this looks like a problem for the future of Storj if we can’t find a proper solution to the payouts SNOs will start leaving the network I almost guarantee It. Of course there will always be new SNOs but now as new SNOs you gotta worry about held payments for your node plus your payments will be held on the payout side as well because new SNOs will realize that they will need to wait months before they will now see any income for there storagenode.

This isn’t going to be an easy task if the Eth stays like this and it doesn’t improve in the foreseeable future we’re going to have much more issues then we have now, we’re still early in this stages this can go way worse then it is now or it can get much better who really knows. This isn’t Storj fault but it can cost them in the future.

I can tell you the effect of this no payment has already started in SNOs minds already have received emails from friends says this and I quote, “ I will give this another month if I don’t see any income I will STOP IT” end quote

How do I reply to this just hang in there a few more months and you probably won’t meet the minimal payout cause your node has only been running for 3 months your SOL.


This will lead to a massive concentration and centralization to big SNOs and will contradict the Idea of the network itself :frowning:


Got you.
I’ll wait for the next node version then.

I have some concerns regarding zkSync terms of service (https://zksync.io/legal/terms.html#your-use-of-zksync).
"You release us from all liability related to any losses, damages, or claims arising from: (a) user error such as forgotten passwords, incorrectly constructed transactions, or mistyped Virtual Currency addresses; (b) server failure or data loss; © unauthorized access to the zkSync application; (d) bugs or other errors in the zkSync software; and (e) any unauthorized third party activities, including, but not limited to, the use of viruses, phishing, brute forcing, or other means of attack against zkSync. "

what about people making 2$ a month ? They wont get paid until 2023 ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good Afternoon,

I have not received any payouts for 65 days. Could I be falling into the minimum payouts bucket? I am currently running three separate nodes with between 500GM to over 1TB of traffic each month. I believe I should be receiving payouts for this level of traffic.

What information do you need from me to answer this question?

Thank you for your quality poste. Do the combined accumulated amounts from multiple nodes count toward the threshold? Or does each node need to meet the threshold before disbursement?

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Hello @kpower517,
Welcome to the forum!

In February 2021 (for all outstanding payouts):

In January 2021 (for December 2020 payout):

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And what are your concerns?

I would love a webinar (live or recorded) about this L2 payment option for the SNOs non familiar with zkSync.

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I understand you are doing a lot of efforts to reduce try fees for SNO paiements. I run 4 small nodes and it is the second month in a row you I receive no token. As the trend is quite bullish, ETH fees are not about to go down, and it is quite unfair for small SNO who can’t benefit from this bullish trend with no new STORJ token.
If you wish to keep small operators around the world. I would suggest to set a limit of number of rollforward month in a rowfor each SNO. If you don’t do that, most of small SNOs will be tempted to leave as soon as graceful exit is possible.
Please consider that option, ETH fees will not go down until ETH2.0 is released.

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How about this: Test zkSync with TestSTORJ token

I know it is not a webinar but you can test zkSync for free and it is easy to use.


I agree with you, even if they hide behind the “you get same amount in USD anyhow”, we are losing the opportunity to gain marked value on the Storj token.

If we where paid now, we could deside on our own, now we are bound. This is an issue, I’m not sure how to solve the issue, but there is an issue.

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ETH is currently the only blockchain that is working on a promising solution. Other blockchains might scale a bit better for a few months but since they still have a limit we would get the same problem quickly.

What do we do when everyone migrates to Cardano and the blocks are getting full? Migrate back to ETH? One migration per Month or what is the plan?

This is not correct. My own geth node is running just fine. You can setup one yourself as well. For me the sync didn’t take a week.

Please don’t mix full nodes with full archive nodes. With ethereum you might get problems to fill out your tax report because you need to ask a full archive node about events from last year. If you want to move you balance you can do that with every full node and there are plenty of them.

If we go back in time we had already one migration from BTC to ETH Blockchain for exactly the same reasons. So here we are hitting the ETH limit. Wasn’t your advice to migrate to the ETH blockchain? (even if you haven’t your current advice is still the same) Why should we believe that your current advice will work better this time?


And a migration from ETH to AVAX, the bridge ETH/AVAX is open ?

too many migrations stability signal not

How about an option to have deferred payments held as Storj tokens as an IOU so that those SNOs who think the price trends are bullish will not miss out.