Feb. 8 Update on SNO Payouts and High Ethereum Gas Prices

This is why we have a option to receive your payout via L2.
I do understand your decision to receive your payout via L1, but it’s definitely could take a lot of time, if fee on L1 remain the same. Even if you receive payout you likely would not move them with so high fee untill you collect enough to spend $20-$30 to just transfer your tokens.

yes i have over 10 friends left storj of no payout even me shelf left storj. as his payout is bullshit. i do work i wanna get paid for his every month not every year. wtf storj here is only one coin existing? only eth? have tons of coin with low fees. live his she eth chain and do job to make sure all your nodes are online and do job not stop payouts and blame eth for high fees.

it may be worth storj working with an exchange or mining pool to offer cheap or free transfers


Exactly, as @tp19 said, why storj have to use STORJ coin to pay? Why not use any other coin? The storage part it could be independent from the crypto one. Why is not?

¿Should the storagenode have a new version to use zkSync? I did pull a new docker image but is the same version v1.22.2

Edit: Anyone tried https://curve.fi/ ? I think it uses zksync

zksync l2 not supported for 99% of wallets. so i dont see here any good point storj made for node operators as is still you cant properly get your money for done job


i read many post in forum and was many question why storj not change coin but no where no properly answer his reason. most person as i know left storj because dont get pay or earning are for joke. new operators pay money from own pocket to cover monthly el bill end and next month whey dont receive pay out or payout are 0.01% from what operator pay to run node. here and for stupid person 100% are clear next month new node will be offline. how storj dont think about his reasons make bad reputation for his company. im already have read many bad feetbacks about storj in other forums and personn why asking about storj no more interested in his coin. and is same thing like i tell my daughter from today i dont buy any more toys for you because all toys price go up you need wait 1 year or maybe another 10 year maybe price is drop.


If storj earn money on USD from customer, they can pay in any coin. Why they don’t do it and CHOOSE only one crypto?

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no answer in his question :wink: only you can found many answer how storj planing disqualified operators for become offline but whey dont wanna hear reason why here so many nodes are offline

if whey care like whey say whey can pay for operators in usd also have many ways to pay straight to debit cards for just a 1usd per transaction of even free transactions

if storj do properly things for operator with pay,income data and other stuff in 1-2d only im single can increase capacity near to 2pib of data not including other member as i know some member can very fast increase also huge amount of capacity
as in garage im hold unused 5x racks etch rack holds 540tb

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Storj doesn’t want your 2PiB in one location. It’s designed to be decentralised for a reason.


nice setup but at the current data rates you wont ever fill it as the network needs more customers


If the same questions keep being asked over and over again in the same topic, the answers at some point will stop coming. It’s been asked and answered over and over again. But you know this since you claim to have read all these topics. Just because you won’t accept the answer doesn’t mean they haven’t answered the questions.

zkSync is a good alternative and despite your claims a majority of wallets that lets you keep the keys already does support it. All you need is support for web3. Which most popular wallets do and if they don’t you can import your private key into a wallet that does.

And no matter your claims, SNOs aren’t leaving in droves. So rather than repeating the same thing over and over again, pick whatever payout option you prefer, suggest new alternatives that haven’t already been mentioned over and over or just leave.
I would personally prefer one of the constructive options, but I’m fine with either choice.


Hello @BrightSilence!

I’m reading all the forum since a few weeks, and I didn’t understand/find what it’s the interest to choose only one crypto for payments. OK, fiat isn’t an option, but with so many crypto, why only choose one? What about offer 2? Isn’t really too complicated to do that? The decentralized hosting system can’t pay in 2,3,4 coins? Why? Thank you.

Most of this is literally addressed in the top post. Switching to a different blockchain is at best a temporary solution until that blockchain hits their limits, it requires a massive development effort and migration effort. Only to run into the same limitations a year or 2 later. It’s wasted time when there are solutions available on the ethereum blockchain which also happens to have one of the best developer communities working on it and widest adoption among third party tools and platforms. I’m not getting into it any further, you can use the search function to find the many responses from Storj Labs themselves.


Please, use zkSync and receive payout much often than on L1.

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Please, opt-in for zkSync and receive payout much often than once a year. This is real solution and it’s working NOW, not after months of development and years of migration.

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It’s answered hundreds times.
Ok, I’ll point again:

Not all customers pay in USD, many paying in STORJ, because they will have a discount of 10%.

We independent on blockchain, yes. We uses token to be independent on fluctuations of the main token of the blockchain.

As I said many times to you and @tp19 in all other threads where you suggesting to switch a blockchain - it’s not easy. It requires development time (months), and years for migration. And this is even to not include all legal issues.
ANY new blockchain will have their uncovered bugs and glitches, we do not want to discover them. The more mature network is much more preferable, the ETH already have several solutions to lower fee - L2, ETH 2.0, batches and many more.
We implemented usage of L2, the zkSync in particular. It should help to mitigate a high fee issue.
I’m sure all other would be explored too and you may have an ability to add more supported features later.

Please, try to use search https://forum.storj.io/search?q=switch%20blockchain it was answered many times. If you do not like the answer, I do not have other, sorry.
I do not understand, why you ask it over and over even if you have an answer and why you are ignore the solution which allows you to receive payout now?

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It’s not possible to pay in USD to any other country except US.
We have operators in 82 countries. In some countries you cannot receive a foreign currency if you are not a legal entity, in many others it’s even illegal.
There are a lot of restrictions around fiat, it’s nearly impossible to meet all of them for everyone.
The tokens can do that - you can receive payout in tokens without any issues and can sell them in fiat, accordingly your local laws.