Feedback for Docker installation in Raspberry nodes

For those who might got be stuck like me when installing Docker in a Raspberry, following the docs.

The stated command didn’t work:

sudo apt-get install docker-ce docker-ce-cli

But this line command succeded:

curl -sL | sed 's/9)/10)/' | sudo sh

I’m sure it does, but piping a script directly into an elevated shell makes me sweat… You should never do this, it’s very insecure.

If you want to use this script to install, please instead follow the instructions docker provides inside the script itself.

# This script is meant for quick & easy install via:
#   $ curl -fsSL -o
#   $ sh
# NOTE: Make sure to verify the contents of the script
#       you downloaded matches the contents of
#       located at
#       before executing.
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Perhaps this recently published Pi Installation guide may be helpful


its stated in the docker docs.

Not sure but ill Think you have to be root

but here how to

$ curl -fsSL -o
$ sudo sh

If you would like to use Docker as a non-root user, you should now consider adding your user to the “docker” group with something like:

  sudo usermod -aG docker your-user

sorry for the double posting.

Browser jumped to bottom after i read it