Feedback using Tardigrade as normal User

Dear Storj Team,

I tested Tardigrade from cli and I think it is awesome.

However I have no real world use case as normal user for now. That’s bad

  1. I tried to setup Duplicati because I use Duplicati on QNAP for Backup. It gets connection.
    But this does not work reliable.

  2. I try the native S3 backup function from QNAP. Also not working.

It will be nice if Tardigrade can be use with Duplicati and QNAP for Backups.

hi @jensamberg
Glad you are enjoying the Tardigrade CLI user experience. i sorry to hear that you’re not finding use cases yet that work for your needs. Im curious, would you mind sharing what kinds of projects you usually work on, and what you’re seeking?

@jocelyn I think at first 100 % aws S3 shall be achieved. That Tardigrade can be used on NAS drives or open source projects like Duplicati as backup space

I would like to add that I was also planning on using tardigrade as a backup solution through the s3 gateway. In my case using Synology backup software. I think the issues aren’t necessarily on the end of tardigrade. Synology assumes vhost paths while tardigrade uses direct paths for buckets. Furthermore it only works over https. It would be really great if these backup tools would provide native support for tardigrade, but the change probably has to come from their clients. Either by supporting direct paths and http or by implementing native support, which would obviously be preferred.

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