Fees with storj

I have not found any topic talking about paying fees with storj instead of eth.
Do you know if you are working on it and if you are working when it could be ready?

When you are an SNO you don’t pay any fees.
They just grayish your payment initially. this is to cover expenses if the your node leaves the network unexpectedly. Otherwise there aren’t any fees. or that am aware of.

If you mean the fees for withdraw L1 from L2 at zkSync
Here you go:


So i can send the storj from L2 to the exchange of Binance without Eth?


Yes. But you need to have an own address connected to L2, otherwise the fee would be up to 4 times greater than for your own addresses. In other words - you must have a private key from L2 address to be able to initiate a withdrawal. Without a private key the emergency withdrawal can be done only manually via web-form and will cost you up to 4 times greater in fee.
So, make sure that you use an own address where you control your private keys for wallet in the storagenode software.

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The held amount can be used for the covering the repairing costs only. The fee for payout is paid by StorjLabs in good will.
In the whitepaper we mentioned that you would be able to pay fee for withdrawal from your account.
Now it’s implemented as an zkSync payouts.