File does not exist on GET

Hi all!!

I was seeing the live log in my node (Windows install, not docker) and I’m seeing the following error:
2020-01-07T09:38:01.637+0100 INFO piecestore download failed {“Piece ID”: “NGTHOCCOT2BKYTG746PVC2G7RJZIRZAY4T3UZCLNYMYYWDX6ELMQ”, “Satellite ID”: “121RTSDpyNZVcEU84Ticf2L1ntiuUimbWgfATz21tuvgk3vzoA6”, “Action”: “GET”, “error”: “file does not exist”}
2020-01-07T09:38:01.637+0100 ERROR server gRPC stream error response {“error”: “file does not exist”}

The node seems working right, but I’m scared of the drive failing (4TB drive, one year old). It’s all ok??

Thanks in advance.

You can check your log for this piece id.

Have you migrated from the Docker desktop? If so, please, show result of this command:

ls (sls "storage.path: (.*)" "$env:ProgramFiles/Storj/Storage Node/config.yaml").Matches.Groups[1].Value

Yes, I did it. Uninstalled Docker and started again, but now I see my node is disqualified. What must I do??

Make new node, there is no other optin

Nope, If there is a error, the node can be requalified, it happened to me once.
The node ID is 12WMu9YNEAputkfSXWnRQnBCXxrJaZfXr8eJA1VFbqgLtyRxctp

Thanks in advance.

They’ve stopped reinstating nodes. Previously it was sometimes done as bugs could cause disqualification. But those bugs have since been squashed and disqualification is unfortunately permanent now.

And how can I know what was the problem?? It’s sad starting again and I don’t want to make the same errors.


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These errors occur in 2 scenarios, data is missing or the data is no longer accessible. Lost data can happen if after migration you point the data path to the wrong folder. Or if you delete data. Or hdd issues, file system issues etc. Inaccessible could be a user access rights issue or perhaps a disk that is mapped to a different drive letter after disconnect/reconnect. There are kind of too many reasons to list. The log should show where it’s looking for the missing file, you can start by checking whether the file is there or not.

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The file wasn’t there, but I checked the disk for errors an all was ok. And today, after 140kms to replace the drive (1tb free yet, no problems here) for one bigger, I found this.
Very sad :frowning:

If the file isn’t there then I would say HDD problems aren’t very likely. More likely you have used a different data location at some point. Could be a migration after which you pointed to a wrong location or an HDD with a different drive letter. It’s also possible that you used the same identity on a different node. Satellites identify your node by the identity used. It will assume all data sent to that identity can also be retrieved from that identity. But if you run 2 different nodes with the same identity, the actual data will be spread out across both nodes. This will also cause this problem.

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So I must start again with a new identity??

Yes. You can start from there:

Mea culpa. I chose the wrong folder when I did the migration from Docker to Windows.

Lesson learned. :frowning:

Thanks to all!!

It happens, at least you know what to avoid now. I’m sure your next node will see a much longer lifetime!

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