File Previews - what file types are supported

Hopefully a quick question - when I share a file / bucket, when it opens, the preview is shown on the left hand which is great for media files.

Just wondering if there is a list of what file types will preview? I’d like to use a txt file (or other extremely basic text doc to help describe some of the bucket content) and have it preview without needing to download it.

Any ideas?



I think this is the list of extensions that will preview: edge/pkg/linksharing/web/single-object.html at 37230a8f7fa92177e051c2410ad20c43ec021b00 · storj/edge · GitHub

‘pdf’ ‘bmp’, ‘svg’, ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘png’, ‘ico’, ‘gif’, ‘m4v’, ‘mp4’, ‘webm’, ‘mov’, ‘mkv’, ‘mp3’, ‘wav’, ‘ogg’

Would a pdf work for you? Unfortunately I’m currently having trouble with pdf previews except in safari, we’ll look into that.

Another option would be to use a html file served from your bucket Hosting a Static Website - Storj Docs


Thanks - PDF preview would be perfect. As you say it’s not currently working for me but once it’s sorted it’ll be exactly right.
Thanks again

You can track the progress on this issue here: PDF Previews not Displaying in Linksharing · Issue #289 · storj/gateway-mt · GitHub


Hello, i see this is as complete but I still have this bug on Chrome/Android browsers.

Which one?
Is it failed to make a preview for PDF?

Please note, we are not modify your files, so the preview depends on your browser’s settings and supported formats by your browser.