Filebase + Akash Hackathon

Background: Storj to provide Decentralized Storage Options for Akash Network through Filebase

Filebase and Akash are hosting a Hackathon:

So maybe some developers here have an idea for a killer app that will help to boost usage of Storj storage through Filebase.


Sia and Skynet is also integrated with Filebase and the user can select where to store his data. So there is no guarantee that a Filebase user will also select Storj as storage backend.
But if there are good and useful apps for Akash + Filebase it will help general adoption and certainly will boost usage for Storj as well.

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We use Filebase with a couple of Synologies for backing up TB of data, it works great. Iā€™m also working to get it integrated with Comet Backups for endpoints.

Zac at Filebase is great to talk to and I highly recommend checking them out.