Filebase removing Storj integration why?

Filebase removing Storj integration. Are there any background infos why ?

During routine operation of our services, we regularly collect and review various usage metrics. We have ultimately determined that our Skynet and Storj integrations suffer from low usage. As a result, we have decided to permanently remove Skynet and Storj from our platform.

At least this is what they are saying.


This is the best answer I could find as well.
It’s their decision so we must take their reasoning.

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It is a very bad decision for their users.
Hopefully the help migrating those customers who want to remain with Storj.
Something like

might be useful for them right now.


I think its because storj has there own front end now so why do we need filebase to use storj, I moved away from it as well because its just easier to use storj directly.


Thank you for sharing this.

Agreed the October 15th deadline is not much time for people to do a lot of unanticipated migration :confused:


Your post seems to suggest that this decision is news to Storj as well…

We were aware of it before this posting, discussions were ongoing on how we unravel some of our documentation around it, and that kind of stuff.


I hope you are going to put much thinking into this statement:

Storj integrations suffer from low usage

and to the fact that they decided to keep Sia and IPFS.

To me this indicates that the other decentralized solutions should be considered as competitors. But also that it is not enough to create partnerships that offer the Storj storage options to their customers. Their customers must be made aware of the Storj brand and the solution it offers, so that they will choose that storage option over another.
So yes, maybe it is time for Storj for broader marketing efforts to create brand awareness.

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Maybe it should be reposted on Twitter etc. for all those Filebase customers who are looking for a way to migrate.

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Thank you for being so on top of this.
It’s certainly not great.

The team has the info and like @Knowledge said, there are discussions.

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I’ve personally reached out to Filebase with the offer to help their customers migrate.


New post…

This is actually healthy for the network. I’ll keep this minimal but here are some key points.

  • The amount of data leaving won’t be noticeable
  • The data was not a good fit

We wish them the best with their focus on IPFS. We learned a lot working with each other and I thank them for that.


When Storj becomes big, if it does, I’m sure they’ll reconsider it…

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… and bite their a*ses…

I have cancelled my Filebase subscription - although i was very happy with them.

Its now the hint for me to try storj DCS for my Backup purposes :wink:
Looks Good so far and its noticeably quicker (apart from they dont accept prepaid cards and Payment in Storj Token seems to be a manual process).


You can request STORJ token deposit by filing a support ticket on our help desk, and we will attend the request in short order. Note that our dev team is working on a new automated deposit process which should be available in the coming months. Unfortunately, our previous payment processor stopped supporting US based companies due to regulatory restrictions.

Please note that our card processor Stripe may reject prepaid debit cards, this is due to the high risk of nonpayment. Thank you for your understanding. Note that you can try out the service without adding any payment method, as the first 150GB of storage and egress are free!


Thanks for your Statement.
I had written an email to you, got a response really fast, will Deposit some Storj Token.
Till this I had registered another Credit Card.
So everything Fine in my Point of view.

All Backups are in the State of transferring to StorjDCS, the First TBs are on the way :wink:
Really fast and no issues.
Good UX and Straight-Forward-UI.

Looks Good and ready for Production :wink:

PS: Will take After some experiences into consideration to use as backup-Space for the Company Im working.


Im using a software called mountain duck to mount drives so I can backup on the fly and I use it to stream plex


Filebase’s pricing was cheaper than storj’s.
I think it was unprofitable.