Filezilla shows filesize of "0", downloading not possible


I’m a SNO myself and wanted to try the 150GB free space which is offered by STORJ. I managed to upload files through the website and filezilla, but unfortunately, when trying to download via filezilla, it doesn’t work, it has a filesize of 0 bytes. On the website, everything works fine. I’m using the latest version for Win 10.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


The native integration in the Filezilla is outdated, and the Filezilla team is procrastinating to update it. So as result it can download either older objects or objects uploaded via Filezilla.

I would recommend to use an Uplink CLI or rclone to download your files back.

Since you using an objects browser on the web-site, you opted-in for server-side encryption, thus you can also use Cyberduck.

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Maybe Storj should look for other partners for integration as well? and are well known and popular.

WinSCP can work via S3, but weirdly it works veeery slow and unreliably.
I would suggest another good adept for integration - Total Commander