Finally the first Storj ad

When I opened Brave today, a little ad popped up:


I am so sorry, but I had to click it… :grin:

Finally we are seeing some advertisement being done. Maybe we can gather some more ideas in this topic, where Storj ads could make sense?


Reddit for sure:

When I clicked on a Brave ad today (not Storj) I was forwarded to a survey where I was asked some questions.
Maybe this is something interesting to do for Storj as well to learn more about potential users, what they are currently use, what they are willing to pay and maybe what prevents them from using Storj DCS or decentralized services in general? Such feedback could be valuable.

Just an idea to understand potential customers better and to refine what Storj DCS offers.



Good idea! I’ll pass this on to Marketing.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Here is a screenshot:

and the link to the survey to try out: