Findig Config Parameters


I have a Strange Problem. i Run a second node on a Different place. i Have it on a Synology NAS with Docker!

Anyway… on that node i am trying to change the Wallet adress.

So far so good. Is there A way to “read” out the active config? So i can just copy and paste the new wallet adress?

I opened the config.yaml with notepad++ but there are no Parameters in it…

Or do have to insert all the paths ecc… again?

Welcome to the forum @Kastlunger !
I’ve forwarded your question to the team for some answers.

You can use this command:

docker inspect storagenode -f '{{.Config.Env}}'

However, I would recommend to write your full docker run command somewhere, to batch file for example, or use a docker-compose.yaml:

But replace <containername> with something like storagenode1, <"/Path/to/identity/files"> and <"/Path/to/Data/storage/location"> to your actual paths and so on. The < and > should be removed too.

Thank you guys! My node is now running good with the new wallet. I saved my config now in my Storj data folder on my personal Cloud.

config.yaml in case of docker version would be almost empty. All important parameters you provides in the docker run command.