Fire up an old node

I am looking to fire up an old node that I was running but seem to have lost some details during a reinstall. I have found an old log file with things like the farmer ID and payment destination.

What is the best way to recover the operation. I am not sure where I was getting the payment sent either. Could the tokens have been stored on the farming clients local wallet?


Hello @TBI74 ,
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You need both - data and identity. If one of them is lost - the node is lost.
All old offline nodes are disqualified after 30 days.
If your node were offline more than 30 days or if you do not have identity or data - you need to remove this identity and data and start from scratch.

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Yes, they could. Or they maybe could not. But they certainly could. Then again only you know if you installed some local wallet and pointed your coins there. But you could have done so.

Also, you will not be able to get the node running again sice it has now been DQed for prolonged downtime (30 days). Just start over with a new identity and an empty storage folder.

Thanks all, IIRC I was shipping the tokens to a remote wallet. Does anyone recall which wallets or exchanges supported Storj in 2018?

Geez, that was a long time ago… That was v2 I presume.

I am guessing so, I have a feeling the I was using a ledger blue and MEW but am getting errors accessing MEW with that now.