First audit failed. Instant DQ

On my newest node first audit failed. Bad luck I guess but it made node audit score 0%(instant DQ).
I know hardware and internet are both good and node should not be disqualified based on 1 failed audit.
It is slow node in europe and this satellite us-central-1 in not sending lots of data to my other nodes so it is no big deal but I wanted to share this with you all.

Node ID in case someone from Storj team wants to look at this on satellite database.

Im almost 100% sure you cant get DQed for one failed audit. Less its the very first audit your node gets…Theres more to the story then your saying.

Yes, if your node managed to fail the first audit it will be DQ immediately.
Please, check your logs for the reason

I did not redirect logs to file but will try to dump it to file from terminal somehow. It happened 2 days ago.

docker logs storagenode

should do it, if you did not remove the container since that

I had to dump in to file using “script” command so I can search thru this huge log.
According to log there is no failed audits. After “download started GET_AUDIT” there is “Downloaded GET_AUDIT” every time.
When I received DQ e-mail my node still reported 0 total audits for that satellite. It showed up after few minutes when I checked again.

Then it was a 4x timeout to provide a small fraction of the piece for audit with 5 minutes wait time.
I would check the setup if it were me, seems your system becomes unresponsive for some reason.