First node just hit 50% filled

Just something I think is cool. My first node which I started up in November just hit 50% of the allotted space used. This started with a 1TB drive and now is a 2TB drive with 1.73TB made available to Storj. Running on a humble little RPi3 with two other nodes I later spun up in January. Even though I’ve only received a single payout so far (a whopping 0.02USD which I shudder to think what Storj paid for fees to send me) I still find it enjoyable that this spare hardware I had floating around just keeps rolling on each day storing and sharing data.

I recently inherited some hardware that I intend to migrate this to at some point. A fully populated 16x2TB drive server, and I may soon have a stack of spare drives as well. But since that will draw considerably more power and I haven’t figured out shared plans for it yet I’m not in a rush for the migration. Curious to see how that system which will have much better I/O will be treated by the network.

Have I made anything with this so far? Nope, I’m sure I’m in the hole when you consider the even minimal power I’ve used thus far while I wait for my node to accumulate the necessary value for payout. But it has been a neat learning experience and I’m hoping my node’s momentum will someday churn some income. Right now I’m in it for the hobby of it.