First Node - Questions and suggestions

Hello everybody. This is my first post and I have just setup my first node . It’s a Windows Pc with a 3TB disk . It’s up and running and started to fill up disk space and use bandwith

I read documentation and if I have understood well I can’t add more space to this node but if I want to use other space I should run a new node through docker in the same Pc or setup another node in different hardware . Is this right ?

I have also 1 3TB disk 4 2TB disks e 7 1TB disks .
Which is the best way to use them ? Setup so many nodes with 1 disk each one ? Put the 4 2TB in a NAS and build a Raid0 adding it via iscsi to another node ?

The main thing i can’t understand is this: if I build a node with 2 disk by 3TB each , how can I use the total space of 6TB if I can setup only a path the Store Data ? I think the raid is the only way but i’m not so sure

I hope those are not stupid questions for you

Thanks in advance to all those will answer

Hello @Dorico ,
Welcome to the forum!

Yes. How to add an additional drive? - Node Operator
If you have a NAS - please, check, maybe it can run docker, then you can run node directly on your NAS. And as a bonus - you can run multiple nodes on it.

See also RAID vs No RAID choice

Thanks Alexei. The Nas is very old Qnap Ts-409. Very old firmware . I think it doesn not support iscsi , but tomorrow i will try ti see if docker is suppported . Thanks again for the tip.

Otherwise best thing to use all the hard drives is connecting as many as possibile to another pc and run as many docker as the drives.

Third option is to build a raid and make a larger volume for single node

Is any of those option better than others to maximize the revenue ?

The sure thing is that you have a lot of TBs… Way too many to start with :wink:

I’d recommend starting with one node linked to one disk to begin with: choose the one that draws the less power, and use CMR technologie (as opposed to SMR) if possible.

Then when it is 75% full, start a second one.

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